The Surprise Benefits of – – `The Walk’

Why trouble ourselves with refilling that barrel in the first place? It is just going to continue leaking…Why Bother?

Can we just accept the idea that we are going to have bouts of low self esteem occasionally, and that is perfectly normal and to be expected?

Maybe and maybe not…

It is awfully tough going through life with an empty barrel.

Just imagine how it would be to go through the day; discouraged, depressed, disappointed, dejected… and all those other feelings of being marginalized.

Wait! You don’t have to `imagine’ what it would be like. You know, because you have had those feelings.  Haven’t you?  Who hasn’t?

I don’t believe there is a single person in the world who hasn’t had those feelings. The trick is not to learn how to avoid those feelings. We can’t avoid them. There is a world out there that keeps getting in our way.

We find that repeating positive quotes about life don’t quite carry us along by themselves.

So, we can’t realistically avoid those things that are continually depleting all the good stuff in the barrel, such as:

  • Our Ego
  • Our Sense of Worth
  • Our Sense of our Well-being
  • Our Confidence
  • Our —- (there is a long list)

So, if we cannot avoid those incidents which cause our poor tired old barrel from leaking, what can we do?

We can keep refiling that barrel.

We can explore things such as ways to improve body language (that well may impact on how people react to you. We can explore things such as effective communication strategies, and effective communication techniques and other methods to raise our sometimes low self esteem…

All of those things are important; just imagine a concept, a tool that encompasses all those features – and more.

Remember in the Introduction I related to you this paragraph:

‘I told the agents that it is their job to find a way to keep refilling the barrel. Their job was not to find ‘a’ way, but to find `their’ way`.  For, not to find ‘their’ way was to fall into despair, mediocrity, depression, and all the terrible things that presage failure.

It wasn’t `desirable’ to find their unique way of refilling the barrel; it was absolutely essential; it was critical!’

For some people, the answer comes as a bit of a surprise. I remember well the busy, busy days of running an insurance agency.  There was an endless list of problems that needed addressing.

Agents, like everyone else, had relationship problems, finance challenges, production problems, marriage problems, etc.

Well, their problems became in part my problems, and they never let up.

I began to take long walks in the afternoon,

and began to take the same route day after day. And, then a strange thing happened.

I found that often I could not really remember the walk’s details, e.g. stopping at pedestrian crossings, speaking to someone on the walk, etc.

But the most amazing thing was that I returned – refreshed, and having answers to some, if not all, the problems I had when I began the walk!

I discovered that I was actually doing a walking meditation – as my friends described it. I don’t know if that is an accurate description. But what I do know is that walk refilled my spirit.

I had found a way to refill my barrels.

Over the years, I have refined that method, but it always (to this day) consisted of a quiet time – devoid of any conscious thought. To me, that worked, and I have used it consistently.

My Barrel is seldom drained, because of that one method I had discovered accidentally.

The original purpose of the walk was to simply escape the office for a few minutes.

We never know how the answer will come – the answer to refill our barrel – but come it must for us to continue living a full life.

Maybe phrases such as` mindfulness and meditation’ may seem a bit foreign to you; hut in the attached articles, you may find that some of these `crazy` ideas may strike a responsive chord in you.

In the following pages we will see different methods, some of which you may be comfortable with – but others which may seem a bit exotic but which many individuals use and find valuable.

They may mystify you – but you may find one that fits you perfectly!

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8 thoughts on “The Surprise Benefits of – – `The Walk’”

  1. This is an exceptional website. I first read your beginning page and then this post. It resonated with me so much. As a person that has suffered with depression for the past 12 years I often find that my barrel is empty and haven’t a clue of how to refill it. There are days I go to sleep with it this way and wake up to it the same and for some reason can never find a way to stop it from leaking to the point that it becomes dry and sometimes unable to absorb even a drop! I love that you were able to capture this in words. Its often hard to explain and you have executed it flawlessly. Thank you for sharing this and your wisdom. I can now try to find “my” way to refill the barrel that was once overflowing.

  2. I love it! I recently realized how impactful a walk was on me. After feeling particularly stressed out, I decided to go for a long walk and I felt amazing afterwards. That made me think that I was really onto something and I began to incorporate them more often and found that they never cease to make me feel far better by the end. I’ve also found that I do my best thinking on long walks. It’s amazing how sometimes the simplest solutions to our problems are right in front of us. Thanks for the great post!

    1. Thank you Dan, you are so right in the simple things are right in front of us – I appreciate your comments. Thank you!

  3. hey Ron how are you,

    I was amused by the article the leaking barrel. I must have the strangest barrel, because mine fills up as the day goes on. Empty by morning full by night. Is that weird?
    great articles.

    1. Wow – that is unusual – You must be filling it automatically without even thinking about it – I will bet that you are using some kind of meditation that is unique to you. Great for you !!!!
      Thanks for taking the time to comment – much appreciated

  4. Hi Charlie, YES YES YES! I too walk to clear the fog and “poof” find the answers. I believe physically moving, breathing fresh air, smelling the environment, hugging a tree or (ant hill in my case) all seem to melt away the confusion and make room for the answers. Splendid article and thank you. By the way I love your style of writing. Warm and relateable. Cheers

    1. Hi Jill,
      Thank you so much for the kind words. You know, walking meditation or therapy for me was magnified for me by applying some more formal methods – but they all come down to some kind of quiet time – which gives our tired minds a bit of a rejuvenation. Thanks again for taking the time to comment = much appreciated.

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