Meditation & Manifestation

In the page `The Surprise Benefits of – The Walk’ I told my story of accidentally discovering which I later found to be a `Walking Meditation`.

It was a life changing discovery, and that alone proves there are many different types of meditation.

As I began to realize the benefits of that walking meditation I wanted to delve more into it – and wound up wishing that I had discovered it much, much sooner.

I found that Meditation has been proven – not speculated to do so – but proven to reduce stress.

When done on a regular basis, it helps reduce anxiety – which is a huge problem in our society today. So, the connection between anxiety and meditation is actually conclusively proven.

That alone is pretty startling.

It can improve such emotions as depression, and create a more positive outlook on life in general.

Have you ever heard of the expression, “mindfulness and meditation”? That is another term that smacks of some esoteric meaning, and yet it is just the ability to concentrate on one thing at a time.

Nothing exotic about that, and yet how many of us have bungled some situation because we were not concentrating?  I know the answer to that – – every one of us at one time or another.

So, how about exploring some tool which helps us to avoid that scenario?

Learn Meditation?

I think it was Socrates that said, ‘The Unexamined Life is not worth living’. Meditation can help you to `know yourself` which is the launching pad for huge life changing activities.

I could go on and on about the potential benefits such as lengthening your attention span, actually creating kindness as a result of developing positive feelings, decreasing your blood pressure, improve body language, combatting low self esteem,  etc.

But, you have probably heard of such benefits yourself.

I can honestly tell you that I have personally experienced many of the benefits associated with Meditation.

What I can also truthfully tell you is that if I could turn the clock back I would have taken action on acquiring and learning about Meditation much, much sooner in my life.

I lost so much time, which only ended when I eventually stumbled across it by sheer accident as I described in an earlier page. And then it took so much longer for me to realize the huge life changing benefits, I am embarrassed at being such a slow learner.

Did you know that more than 14% of U.S. adults said they practiced some form of meditation?

Pretty staggering!

Now, combine that with Manifestation, and you have a combination that is almost certain to change lives, dramatically.

Why not talk more about Manifestation?  It is just because it is a short leap (actually more of a little hop) between the ability to concentrate on one thing at a time- and have that `one thing` to be – what you really want.

And the beauty is that you can practice in so many ways, that your personalization of meditation can take about any form you wish.

You can meditate in any environment:


It is that easy!

If you would like to take action and learn about it now – rather than waiting and hoping that somehow someday you will find your own unique way of refilling that doggone leaking barrel – let me make a suggestion to you:

Don’t wait; I wish I could go back in time and begin so much sooner.

Now, when you can combine Meditation with Manifestation – you can have RESULTS and attitude in your life that you only used to dream about.




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