Have you ever noticed that the people we make fun of for being `different` and subscribing to different disciplines ( beliefs) are fodder for jokes and derision.

Yet, these same people are often, most often, above the average person in self-satisfaction, and happiness and prosperity.

Often the scoffers not only have an empty barrel, but the barrel they do have is usually in the middle of nowhere…

So, what is the answer?

Well, you know that there are many tools out there such as reading positive quotes about life, reading about conquering low self esteem, Yoga, learn meditation, Tai Chi, and a host of other `methods` that may or not resonate with you.

In this little site we will bring to your awareness avenues that may or not appeal to you, but each one has been proven, not over months or even years, but countless millennia.

And be aware that each offering is carefully chosen and though they are very similar – they differ in the approach. The approach is hugely important in that the core message is always basically the same, but one approach may appeal to you more than another.

There are many different types of meditation and as you have seen, I had my first experience by accident, (The Surprising Benefit of—-The Walk) and it took me a long time to really appreciate what had happened.  I guess I am a slow learner. But for those out there who are also `slow learners` maybe these offerings can speed up things a bit by looking at them – not as a learned guru –  but as a guy or gal just like you.

That is why the ‘Meditation & Manifestation` offering is very similar but not identical, to that being introduced here. One approach may resonate with you, and another may not so much.

Can you go wrong with either? No! It is just that one may hit you right between the eyes, and another may not. In fact, I don’t think that you can do one without the other – pretty much like a hard- boiled egg and salt.  They go together.

Whichever one you do it will lead to the other – in my opinion and experience.

You will be the judge of which one strikes you right between the eyes.

For example, consider the phrase `mindfulness and meditation’.  Sounds pretty exotic, doesn’t it. If I were to say – ‘concentration`, or just `concentrate on just one thing at a time’ – that sounds much more like it.

That is really all we are talking about,  Sooo easy!

But this I will tell you – regardless of which one you choose – if you ultimately do not think it is of sufficient value to you (I don’t think that will ever be the case because  the offerings are carefully chosen) and if you have compiled with the `Refund Policies’ for the product – and it is not honored – I will be there to make certain that you will receive a refund.

Not a likely scenario – but possible. That is how certain I am that you will be completely satisfied with any ‘offering` we present to you.

Now- if you would like to explore ‘Manifestation’ – this is where you go:


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