Review – Best Energy Supplements

When you are seeking out a product, such as the best energy supplements , you are embarking on a significant chore.

It is not easy!

For example – If you are to Google `energy  supplements that work’ you will see on the top left of the page – that there around 178,000,000 results in that category.

How in the world do begin a search that does not involve a career change into Research.

Have you ever seen an aged individual interviewed, and asked, “To what do you attribute your long life?”

The answers are illuminating in themselves… I have actually read some responses and they range from:

  • I smoke 6 cigars a day, and did that since I was 16
  • I eat two raw eggs a day, and have been doing that since my horse kicked me in the head – 78  years ago
  • I drink 7 cans of beer religiously each day – and been doing that since I was 11
  • I never have smoked a day in my life
  • I eat 8 bananas a day – did so since I saw my first monkey at the zoo

Well, you get the idea. Choosing the best of anything, or the best reason for ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, is really a subjective matter, to a large extent.

How can you say, for example that the very best natural thyroid supplement is Product X

Well, let’s begin with why this particular   brand was chosen to present to you.  The choice was not made lightly.

But, to be realistic – when you are searching for the product for you, you may be wondering:

  1. What is thyroid supplement
  2. What vitamins boost energy
  3. What is protein supplements
  4. What is food supplements

When you go to the bottom of this  page you will find a nice picture of two bottles labeled ‘Thyroid Support` – product of SOLIMO

  1. Wonder what SOLIMO IS – and why it is sold by Amazon. Amazon in-house brands are being offered at very affordable rates
  2. Well, Amazon is launching a wide array of products – certainly including products such as SOLIMO which enables the purchaser to buy top quality products at great prices.

Here Is a quote from a reviewer: “Amazon brands’ surprisingly strong performances in professional product review testing and the instant success of Solimo illustrates Amazon’s careful foray into generic, in-house brands.”

Now, If you subscribe to the belief that the surest way to compare is to let other buyers blaze the trail for you and let them try the products before you dip your  toe in the water, consider this:

First – look at the number of reviews – 7,719!  That is a lot of reviews.

Now, look at the STAR rating – 4 ½ of 5.

Holy Mackerel – 7,719 ratings and a 4 ½ Star rating – How can it get better than that?

Now, look at the other fine products on the same page – lots to choose from…

But look at those two factors – # of reviews and star rating – and you can see this is a standout product.

Now, folks, you know that not every product – no matter how good it is – is right for everyone.  So you can do extensive research – and make a career out of selection of products you wish to obtain;  That often results in  `Analysis Paralysis` in that a decision is never made – because   there are always  CONS in every product under the sun.

It can be absolutely frustrating to wade through the entire pros and cons according to each particular researcher’s criteria.  If you go to a Ford Dealership to buy a car, you will be told that if you choose anything other than a Ford, there might be something seriously wrong in your reasoning power.

If you go to a Toyota dealership, you will be told that to consider anything other than a Toyota would be sheer folly – just plain foolish.

So there you are – what to choose, what to choose?

Your most trusted friend will give you somber, well-reasoned suggestions.  Your mother or father will give you equally serious, well-reasoned suggestions, but by golly sometimes they have reach different conclusions.

Want to do, what to do…

Or, you can take research from thousands of users – and even get a money back guarantee if you are the one that the product doesn’t work for, and   receive a refund.

As you can see, this is not a scholarly discussion on the use of an energy supplements – it is not meant to be.  What it is – is a common sense approach to choose a product that is appropriate for you – and it uses very basic criteria to reach your own personal conclusion.                                                                             

Holy Mackerel – 7,719 ratings and a 4 ½ Star rating – How can it get better than that?

Or, you can take research from thousands of users – and even get a money back guarantee if you are the one that the product doesn’t work for, and   receive a refund.

For your convenience, here is a breakdown to give you a feeling – by feature and by group:

By feature

Easy to swallow


Ingredient quality




By customer groups & interests



Vegetarian Diet




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What Does the Mind Body and Spirit Phrase – Really Mean?

mind body spirit wellness

The intent of this website is to foster the importance of mind body spirit wellness.

Each has to be recognized as an individual entity –

and when joined together in harmony there is a force created that cannot be conquered !!

Each one is vital to the others and when combined in perfect coordination – there is no limit as to what the mind body and spirit blend can accomplish.

I want to share with you an encounter I had very recently.  It involves an attractive young woman who has a remarkable tale to share. 

This young lady weighed over 200 pounds two years ago.  Now, she has a beautifully sculptured body and has won several trophies from body building contests.

That accomplishment is startling enough, but what is more astounding is that she feels like she still weighs 200 pounds! 

The muscle and fitness achievement was somehow not connected to the health and mind linchpin of – the mind is the body concept.

How can that be, I wondered. Her home displays trophies and numerous pictures showing a smiling beautiful woman; how is it that she does not feel the confidence and feelings of well- being that should come from such an accomplishment?

This seems to be a perfect illustration of what is asked in an article like this – ‘what is mind and body connection?’

One article in a popular publication states simply: “Wellness is the search for enhanced quality of life, personal growth, and potential through positive lifestyle behaviors and attitudes.”

What could be simpler, and isn’t that what we all seek?

From another perspective, I remember a reality show that I saw last year in which the contestants were placed in stressful situations. One of the participants tore off his shirt in every tense occasion.  When he ripped off his top, it was apparent that he was a very muscular fellow. And I suppose that was supposed to intimidate his `opponent`.

Maybe, it was to bolster his own confidence and ego.

Whatever it was – it is surely an example of a disconnect between the health connections and the health mind and body triad.

At the time, I suspect that the viewers were wondering if that was his only tool when faced with an awkward situation.

What both cases show, I believe, is that we must face the world – if we are to expect a favorable outcome from the challenges that we all face in day to day living –with harmony of Body, Mind and Spirit.

The well- functioning body is only part of the necessary triad.  But, it is an extremely important third as are the other parts.

Just imagine the effect of the healthy body, combined with the healthy mind and the healthy spirit.

This website is to promote not just part of the balanced triad but to be able to work and develop each of the parts.  Every part is designed for the body mind and spirit harmonious   connectedness.

To neglect one is to reduce the effectiveness of the others.

If we can reduce the entire concept of this site to a few words, it would be to convey and understand the belief that the triad of mind, body and spirit really boils down to the search for an enhanced quality of life, accelerated  personal growth, and to realize our potential through positive lifestyle behavior and attitudes.

Remember – healthy mind healthy spirit.  It is all for body and mind connectivity!

So, to put it succinctly – what we seek is a beautiful harmonious balance of mind, body and spirit. When they are in balance – we have beautiful moments!

We have explored the tremendous benefits of Meditation and Manifestation – and now I invite you to explore your physical health, by addressing whatever concerns you may have: weight loss, increased energy, etc. by going here:

 Do you wish to release the inner self and free all that pent up energy –  -and ready to address it?

Go to Review


 Do you wish to address your body contours – and take some action to change what you don’t like?


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Is Anxiety a Mental Illness

Did you know that anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness problem in the United States, and figures show that 40 million adults are suffering from it?

         To further emphasize the magnitude of the problem we find that someone with an anxiety disorder is also likely to suffer from depression.  And Depression can increase the risk for suicide, can lead to drugs and or alcohol to soothe their feelings, can lead to poor lifestyle choices, etc.

So, we are not taking lightly the huge and dangerous complications of anxiety and depression. We want to know how to rid of social anxiety, and to know what causes anxiety and depression.

First, having anxiety is not abnormal. In fact, it is perfectly normal to experience anxiety occasionally. Sometimes the rush of anxiety actually propels us to more energetic efforts to accomplish our goals.

But, too often it becomes excessive – and expresses itself in an irrational dread of activities which are usually considered natural, or even routine.

Then it becomes a problem. In fact, it must be recognized that anxiety disorders are real and often lead to serious medical conditions.

We must ask what is anxiety disorder and how do we cope with it?  It is only a disorder when it disrupts our normal activities.

Is anxiety a mental illness; NO – not in its mild forms!

Who doesn’t have anxiety now and then? Often it is that anxiety that propels us to achieve more than we would have without it.

So, what is the cause of anxiety? There are different medical explanations as to what’s the cause of anxiety – but for the layman it seems to be simply the result of reaching or striving for something that is out of our comfort zone.

One might define anxiety simply (and accurately) as a state of uneasiness and apprehension regarding future uncertainties.  Which one of us does not feel that way occasionally, and perhaps often?

This article is not meant to convey anything other than natural cures for anxiety, before it becomes a debilitating situation.

To look at some hard facts, consider:

Chronic anxiety can have real effects on your health and may lead to life-threatening illnesses

Anxiety itself isn’t destructive – but it is accompanied by stress – which is harmful to the body because it lowers the body’s natural immune system.

Anxiety is often manifested by:

  • A sense of doom
  • Depression
  • Irritability
  • Pounding heart
  • Headaches
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Increase in blood pressure
  • Other

This is not the way you want to live.

If an individual is suffering from acute anxiety and/or depression medical attention is certainly warranted and necessary.

But for those of us who have only periodic bouts of either just associated with daily living pressures, there are avenues that may be of acute interest to you;

The name of this little site is `The Leaking Barrel` and the premise is to prevent as much as possible from letting  this potentially deadly  duonatural cures for  of anxiety and depression take hold of you.

I would invite you to go back to the main page to read of the purpose and philosophy of this work – and realize the main purpose is to have you feel like this:


Take a proven short cut to enhance your life – to defeat those feelings of anxiety and depression –

Look at the pathways of Meditation – and get on the road

to a happier, more successful, sexier you – than ever!!


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The Surprise Benefits of – – `The Walk’

Why trouble ourselves with refilling that barrel in the first place? It is just going to continue leaking…Why Bother?

Can we just accept the idea that we are going to have bouts of low self esteem occasionally, and that is perfectly normal and to be expected?

Maybe and maybe not…

It is awfully tough going through life with an empty barrel.

Just imagine how it would be to go through the day; discouraged, depressed, disappointed, dejected… and all those other feelings of being marginalized.

Wait! You don’t have to `imagine’ what it would be like. You know, because you have had those feelings.  Haven’t you?  Who hasn’t?

I don’t believe there is a single person in the world who hasn’t had those feelings. The trick is not to learn how to avoid those feelings. We can’t avoid them. There is a world out there that keeps getting in our way.

We find that repeating positive quotes about life don’t quite carry us along by themselves.

So, we can’t realistically avoid those things that are continually depleting all the good stuff in the barrel, such as:

  • Our Ego
  • Our Sense of Worth
  • Our Sense of our Well-being
  • Our Confidence
  • Our —- (there is a long list)

So, if we cannot avoid those incidents which cause our poor tired old barrel from leaking, what can we do?

We can keep refiling that barrel.

We can explore things such as ways to improve body language (that well may impact on how people react to you. We can explore things such as effective communication strategies, and effective communication techniques and other methods to raise our sometimes low self esteem…

All of those things are important; just imagine a concept, a tool that encompasses all those features – and more.

Remember in the Introduction I related to you this paragraph:

‘I told the agents that it is their job to find a way to keep refilling the barrel. Their job was not to find ‘a’ way, but to find `their’ way`.  For, not to find ‘their’ way was to fall into despair, mediocrity, depression, and all the terrible things that presage failure.

It wasn’t `desirable’ to find their unique way of refilling the barrel; it was absolutely essential; it was critical!’

For some people, the answer comes as a bit of a surprise. I remember well the busy, busy days of running an insurance agency.  There was an endless list of problems that needed addressing.

Agents, like everyone else, had relationship problems, finance challenges, production problems, marriage problems, etc.

Well, their problems became in part my problems, and they never let up.

I began to take long walks in the afternoon,

and began to take the same route day after day. And, then a strange thing happened.

I found that often I could not really remember the walk’s details, e.g. stopping at pedestrian crossings, speaking to someone on the walk, etc.

But the most amazing thing was that I returned – refreshed, and having answers to some, if not all, the problems I had when I began the walk!

I discovered that I was actually doing a walking meditation – as my friends described it. I don’t know if that is an accurate description. But what I do know is that walk refilled my spirit.

I had found a way to refill my barrels.

Over the years, I have refined that method, but it always (to this day) consisted of a quiet time – devoid of any conscious thought. To me, that worked, and I have used it consistently.

My Barrel is seldom drained, because of that one method I had discovered accidentally.

The original purpose of the walk was to simply escape the office for a few minutes.

We never know how the answer will come – the answer to refill our barrel – but come it must for us to continue living a full life.

Maybe phrases such as` mindfulness and meditation’ may seem a bit foreign to you; hut in the attached articles, you may find that some of these `crazy` ideas may strike a responsive chord in you.

In the following pages we will see different methods, some of which you may be comfortable with – but others which may seem a bit exotic but which many individuals use and find valuable.

They may mystify you – but you may find one that fits you perfectly!

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Comments on Meditation & Manifestation

To some, the idea of Meditation is that of a very slender individual sitting on the floor – cross-legged – and mesmerized by a large candle directly in front of him/her

Likewise – to some, the idea of Manifestation is to have one’s head engulfed in a cloud like haze – while half-dreaming of something else – or somewhere else – other than where he/she is at the moment.

In a way I suppose that each idea has a germ of truth in it – but, let’s explore a bit further.

Before we go any further, let me state that Meditation is not just focusing on positive quotes about life. And it is not an escape from reality. Rather it is simply a way to have increased awareness of reality. That is a rather key point.


One often hears the expression `mindfulness and meditation’ and it is easy to toss off such an expression. But when we closely examine that saying, it makes all the sense in the world.

It simply means that the find is fully attending to what is happening.  So simplistic, and yet who among us is able to concentrate 100% on the matter at hand for more than a few seconds.

      Wouldn’t it be great if we could?

So to learn meditation and learn different types of meditation may deliver some pretty dramatic improvements in our lives.

According to more than one study, about 8% of the US population meditates. An interesting figure also is that about 8.1% of Americans have a Masters or higher degree.

Side note: about 91% (according to one survey) have tried drugs at least once in their life.

Note: The author is not suggesting any correlation with these statistics, but they are interesting!

An individual may say that we all meditate – assuming that at some point we `think’ about anything at all – and for a few moments that is the only subject in our mind.

It is actually difficult to imagine a day in which we don’t `think` about something – hard.

The idea kind of removes `weirdness` from the subject of Meditation, doesn’t it?

Some interesting quotes on Meditation:

“The Goal of meditation isn’t to control your thoughts – it is to stop letting them control you” – Anonymous

“The quieter you become the more you can hear.” Anonymous

“Go within every day and find the inner strength so that the world will not blow your candle out.” – Katherine Dunham

“Meditation brings wisdom; lack of meditation leaves ignorance. Know well what leads you forward and what holds you back, and choose the path that leads to wisdom.” Buddha

“Meditation is one of the ways in which the spiritual man keeps himself awake.” Thomas Merton

“Meditation is like a gym in which you develop the powerful mental muscles of calm and insight.” Ajahn Brahm


Wow, talk about a source for deriding the poor soul who believes in and actually practices Manifestation. What a loser that poor individual is. Hah!

Poor misguided individuals such as:

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Jay Z
  • Conor McGregor
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Lady Gaga
  • Steve Harvey
  • Will Smith
  • Denzil Washington

Man, we don’t want to be counted among these nobodies, do we?

OK – let’s suppose that there just may be something to Manifestation, after all. Just what is it?

How exactly would you describe Manifestation?

Again, as we said about Meditation – if we think at all (The author is assuming that the individuals who are still here – are the `Thinkers’ among the general population) we already are meditating and manifesting.

Our thinking and concentration takes many shapes:






We all do it – both manifesting and meditating – it is just that without training and the knowledge of just `How to do it` – sometimes (quite often) our undisciplined meditating and manifesting work against us more than `for us`.

Now – here is a huge secret: There is no secret formula.  The basic concept is the same in all the approaches.

The difference is the technique used – and that is why this site presents to you the choice of techniques. The technique used for your neighbor may not   be the one that best resonates with you.

So, explore these different approaches – pick the one that really speaks to `you`.  Each one has been carefully selected. If you choose one –and perchance you did not choose the best one for you – and you have complied with their Refund policy and have not received a refund – I am here to get it for you.

With that said, let me leave you with one thought:

You are already meditating and manifesting –

Why not do it the right way – and benefit HUGELY by doing it correctly?

“Thoughts don’t become things; thoughts ARE things.”
― Eric Michael Leventhal

“When people want success but visualize failure, they attract failure because they don’t know about the power of repetition/visualization.”
― Hina Hashmi

“Those who find courage to pursue their dreams, manifest gladness of their souls.”
― Lailah Gifty Akita

“Experiencing life with your whole heart will not only bring more of what you desire but often it will surpass what you could have imagined!”
― Heidi Reagan

To sum it all up, the fact that the reason so many of us have problems, is that periodically we have bouts of low self esteem and we just don’t feel up to addressing the concerns of our lives.

If we had high self esteem, the problems and concerns would be the same size, but we would be bigger and stronger – and therefore be able to handle them better.

Hence, the name of this little site – The Leaking Barrel

But, let’s leave with a laugh:

“To earn the trust of your meditation, you have to visit it every day. It’s like having a puppy.”
Chelsea Richer


Click Here to explore Option #1

Click Here to explore Option #2

Click Here to explore Option #3

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The Congressman With Low Self Esteem

Something happened a short while ago that I wanted to share with you. It was a fascinating study of body language interpretation, and it actually falls into the arena of any communication endeavor, social or business.

It illustrates how low self esteem can torpedo any situation.

Here is what happened:

I was part of a small group standing in a field next to an industrial complex, and the subject being discussed – – -was building another accompanying complex…

The group consisted of two developers, two local politicians, a stock broker who was going to be the `money mover`, and a realtor.

After the meeting, I was driving away with one of the participants, and we began discussing the meeting. We both came to the same conclusion; and, that was – – – – one of the group (actually one of the politicians) was `missing something`.

The use of effective communication strategies was apparently lost on this individual.

He was a great study in what happens when you consider the issue of low self esteem in general conversation / communication.

What an interesting subject; He had definite needs of learning effective communication techniques…and yet it should have been second nature to him.

This was not merely gossiping; it was two students of human nature discussing a fascinating subject – the perception of power, or lack of power!

It really centered around the subject of low self esteem, because when you are suffering from it,

you are seldom at ease in any environment.

When we began the discussion, the first thing we looked at was clothing – was this person dressed any differently than the others?

No.  In fact he was probably dressed better than the others.  One of the developers had on a sweater, and the other had on a windbreaker.  Our subject had a blazer and tie.  No, it was not the clothing.

Was it the posture?  Yes, but only partially.  His posture seemed to indicate that he was eager to please. That is a real killer for those who are in any kind of relational conversation.  Just think how you come across with that attitude: the self-confidence just evaporates.

His overall demeanor and attitude was doubly perplexing because the developers were coming to him for the city’s blessing.  They needed him – and yet, he was so eager to please that he lost the position of authority that he should have had.

He was very willing to laugh at the slightest provocation and seemed to need their approval.

After a short time, the others began to just discuss the matter between themselves, and pretty much ignored him. He became almost irrelevant.

To top off the mix, he was the oldest of the group – complete with white wavy hair, and the looks (until he expressed himself through speaking and posture) of the `elder statesman`.

Yet, he did not carry his age with dignity.

So, what was it that made this politician appear to be lacking? Isn’t that a strange situation – to stand out by a lack?

The more we discussed this individual; it became apparent that he did not have the simple effective communication techniques necessary to carry on a dignified, meaningful dialogue.

Why did this happen?  Somehow, this individual lost his way and his overall self-perception suffered.  You know that we all need injections of self confidence, self esteem periodically, and that of course is the name of this little site – The Leaking Barrel.

Now, if you find that you are not 100% happy with your self confidence which certainly impacts every aspect of life – perhaps it is time to explore some techniques that have helped countless individuals for literally thousands of years–

Explore Here!

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