Review – Best Energy Supplements

When you are seeking out a product, such as the best energy supplements , you are embarking on a significant chore.

It is not easy!

For example – If you are to Google `energy  supplements that work’ you will see on the top left of the page – that there around 178,000,000 results in that category.

How in the world do begin a search that does not involve a career change into Research.

Have you ever seen an aged individual interviewed, and asked, “To what do you attribute your long life?”

The answers are illuminating in themselves… I have actually read some responses and they range from:

  • I smoke 6 cigars a day, and did that since I was 16
  • I eat two raw eggs a day, and have been doing that since my horse kicked me in the head – 78  years ago
  • I drink 7 cans of beer religiously each day – and been doing that since I was 11
  • I never have smoked a day in my life
  • I eat 8 bananas a day – did so since I saw my first monkey at the zoo

Well, you get the idea. Choosing the best of anything, or the best reason for ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, is really a subjective matter, to a large extent.

How can you say, for example that the very best natural thyroid supplement is Product X

Well, let’s begin with why this particular   brand was chosen to present to you.  The choice was not made lightly.

But, to be realistic – when you are searching for the product for you, you may be wondering:

  1. What is thyroid supplement
  2. What vitamins boost energy
  3. What is protein supplements
  4. What is food supplements

When you go to the bottom of this  page you will find a nice picture of two bottles labeled ‘Thyroid Support` – product of SOLIMO

  1. Wonder what SOLIMO IS – and why it is sold by Amazon. Amazon in-house brands are being offered at very affordable rates
  2. Well, Amazon is launching a wide array of products – certainly including products such as SOLIMO which enables the purchaser to buy top quality products at great prices.

Here Is a quote from a reviewer: “Amazon brands’ surprisingly strong performances in professional product review testing and the instant success of Solimo illustrates Amazon’s careful foray into generic, in-house brands.”

Now, If you subscribe to the belief that the surest way to compare is to let other buyers blaze the trail for you and let them try the products before you dip your  toe in the water, consider this:

First – look at the number of reviews – 7,719!  That is a lot of reviews.

Now, look at the STAR rating – 4 ½ of 5.

Holy Mackerel – 7,719 ratings and a 4 ½ Star rating – How can it get better than that?

Now, look at the other fine products on the same page – lots to choose from…

But look at those two factors – # of reviews and star rating – and you can see this is a standout product.

Now, folks, you know that not every product – no matter how good it is – is right for everyone.  So you can do extensive research – and make a career out of selection of products you wish to obtain;  That often results in  `Analysis Paralysis` in that a decision is never made – because   there are always  CONS in every product under the sun.

It can be absolutely frustrating to wade through the entire pros and cons according to each particular researcher’s criteria.  If you go to a Ford Dealership to buy a car, you will be told that if you choose anything other than a Ford, there might be something seriously wrong in your reasoning power.

If you go to a Toyota dealership, you will be told that to consider anything other than a Toyota would be sheer folly – just plain foolish.

So there you are – what to choose, what to choose?

Your most trusted friend will give you somber, well-reasoned suggestions.  Your mother or father will give you equally serious, well-reasoned suggestions, but by golly sometimes they have reach different conclusions.

Want to do, what to do…

Or, you can take research from thousands of users – and even get a money back guarantee if you are the one that the product doesn’t work for, and   receive a refund.

As you can see, this is not a scholarly discussion on the use of an energy supplements – it is not meant to be.  What it is – is a common sense approach to choose a product that is appropriate for you – and it uses very basic criteria to reach your own personal conclusion.                                                                             

Holy Mackerel – 7,719 ratings and a 4 ½ Star rating – How can it get better than that?

Or, you can take research from thousands of users – and even get a money back guarantee if you are the one that the product doesn’t work for, and   receive a refund.

For your convenience, here is a breakdown to give you a feeling – by feature and by group:

By feature

Easy to swallow


Ingredient quality




By customer groups & interests



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What Does the Mind Body and Spirit Phrase – Really Mean?

mind body spirit wellness

The intent of this website is to foster the importance of mind body spirit wellness.

Each has to be recognized as an individual entity –

and when joined together in harmony there is a force created that cannot be conquered !!

Each one is vital to the others and when combined in perfect coordination – there is no limit as to what the mind body and spirit blend can accomplish.

I want to share with you an encounter I had very recently.  It involves an attractive young woman who has a remarkable tale to share. 

This young lady weighed over 200 pounds two years ago.  Now, she has a beautifully sculptured body and has won several trophies from body building contests.

That accomplishment is startling enough, but what is more astounding is that she feels like she still weighs 200 pounds! 

The muscle and fitness achievement was somehow not connected to the health and mind linchpin of – the mind is the body concept.

How can that be, I wondered. Her home displays trophies and numerous pictures showing a smiling beautiful woman; how is it that she does not feel the confidence and feelings of well- being that should come from such an accomplishment?

This seems to be a perfect illustration of what is asked in an article like this – ‘what is mind and body connection?’

One article in a popular publication states simply: “Wellness is the search for enhanced quality of life, personal growth, and potential through positive lifestyle behaviors and attitudes.”

What could be simpler, and isn’t that what we all seek?

From another perspective, I remember a reality show that I saw last year in which the contestants were placed in stressful situations. One of the participants tore off his shirt in every tense occasion.  When he ripped off his top, it was apparent that he was a very muscular fellow. And I suppose that was supposed to intimidate his `opponent`.

Maybe, it was to bolster his own confidence and ego.

Whatever it was – it is surely an example of a disconnect between the health connections and the health mind and body triad.

At the time, I suspect that the viewers were wondering if that was his only tool when faced with an awkward situation.

What both cases show, I believe, is that we must face the world – if we are to expect a favorable outcome from the challenges that we all face in day to day living –with harmony of Body, Mind and Spirit.

The well- functioning body is only part of the necessary triad.  But, it is an extremely important third as are the other parts.

Just imagine the effect of the healthy body, combined with the healthy mind and the healthy spirit.

This website is to promote not just part of the balanced triad but to be able to work and develop each of the parts.  Every part is designed for the body mind and spirit harmonious   connectedness.

To neglect one is to reduce the effectiveness of the others.

If we can reduce the entire concept of this site to a few words, it would be to convey and understand the belief that the triad of mind, body and spirit really boils down to the search for an enhanced quality of life, accelerated  personal growth, and to realize our potential through positive lifestyle behavior and attitudes.

Remember – healthy mind healthy spirit.  It is all for body and mind connectivity!

So, to put it succinctly – what we seek is a beautiful harmonious balance of mind, body and spirit. When they are in balance – we have beautiful moments!

We have explored the tremendous benefits of Meditation and Manifestation – and now I invite you to explore your physical health, by addressing whatever concerns you may have: weight loss, increased energy, etc. by going here:

 Do you wish to release the inner self and free all that pent up energy –  -and ready to address it?

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 Do you wish to address your body contours – and take some action to change what you don’t like?


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