The Leaking Barrel – The Beginning

The Leaking Barrel

Do you ever wonder why it seems that some people have all the luck in the world,






and somehow, for some reason – You don’t?

Let me tell you a short story.

Years ago, I was teaching a group of insurance agents about self perseverance, and keeping your ego intact.

Now there is a tough group, one which really needs some help in that category. When you think of all the groups in the world who need a boost in that area, the poor insurance agent rises right to the top.

Here we have fertile grounds for low self esteem.  These folks know the importance of things such as positive quotes about life. They have to!!

Here is an individual who needs to be mentally tough. He/she goes through the day with constant rejection. When he/she is selling insurance, NO ONE wants to talk with him/her.

When they are settling a claim, the results are never good enough.  The claim should have been larger; it should have been processed faster; It should never have required this much paperwork; and the list goes on and on…

As an instructor I had a regimen to follow, but sometimes (often) I digressed from the approved format.

Years later, I came across one of the students, and he told me that in the entire class, one thing stood out as a true life lesson. I was gratified to learn that apparently I had made a difference in at least one life.

Here is what I taught, and what he took to heart…

I told them that each day most of us begin with  barrels full of enthusiasm (and probably large doses of coffee) and felt that the day was ‘Ours`.

We were meant to conquer, to succeed, and to make our mark upon the world (or at least our tiny part of it) and we would know no obstacle, no impediment that we couldn’t overcome.

We learned to improve body language; we learned about effective communication strategies, and even how to employ effective communication techniques.

By golly, we were ready!

But then, something happened. Life intervened.

We started the car to begin the day, and noticed, Dang, the car was kind of dirty (could of sworn the polish job would still be looking good), but what does it really matter.  We are good to go.

What is that burning smell?  Couldn’t be my car…

Why did that driver signify his displeasure with my driving, with that one finger?

Made the first three sales calls; Wow, didn’t know that rudeness could be so common so early in the morning.

And the day begins…

Now, we start off the day with such good feelings, and attitude.  Our inner barrels are full of ego, enthusiasm and self confidence in our ability and determination to succeed this very day, but, dang….

It seems that our barrel of ego is springing a leak.

If there ever is a need for attributes such as mindfulness and meditation, and learning body language interpretation for just their own self-defense, boy this is it.

Here is the secret;  we each have barrels of `good stuff` to begin the day, but doggone it, that barrel is always leaking, at first just a little, but as the day goes on the leakage becomes greater and greater, and before we know it, our barrels are pretty much empty.

Does this sound familiar?  It should; we all go through this.

What I told the group of eager insurance agents is that while this is common to us all, what is not common is the ability to constantly refill that barrel during the day.

That, I believe, is the key to everything.

I told the agents that it is their job to find a way to keep refilling the barrel.  Their job was not to find ‘a’ way, but to find `their’ way`.  For not to find ‘their’ way was to fall into despair, mediocrity, depression, and all the terrible things that presage failure.

It wasn’t `desirable’ to find their unique way of refilling the barrel; it was absolutely essential; it was critical!

So the question is – `What is your way of refilling the barrel?”

In this little informal site, we will consider different ways of filling that barrel.

Remember – Keeping that Leaking Barrel replenished is not important – it is Critical!!

Explore the content here to see which one resonates with you…